Painful Eyes

Eyes are a very important area for humans, because the eyes are to see. So that humans will be very proud if they have eyes. Because with the eye then all activities will run well. Not a few people who want normal eyes. But not a few people who still do not pay attention to eye conditions. But the condition of the eye is not only helped by food. However, there are other activities that need attention.

Most still do not realize why the eyes to the cheeks feel swollen. However, this activity did not start suddenly. Because there are several factors that cause it so that the eyes become sore. If you want to have healthy eyes, then do this

Healthy eye food

Satanaslapelicula – Eating healthy food for the body is very good, as well as for the eyes. If you want to have healthy eyes, make sure your food intake is maintained and gives the best. Consumption of foods for the eyes are those that contain Vitamin A, vitamin C, omega 3 and zinc. Examples of foods that are good for the eyes are spinach, carrots and tomatoes.


Keeping the body stable so as not to be dehydrated is also important. Because the entire human body requires approximately 20% water. Which water to drink is 2 liters per day. If less than that then the effect will be very influential. No need to be confused to drink what is good for health. Because the water you need is water.

eat a lot – healthy food//Eyes

Does water have any effect on the eyes? This is a frequently asked question and the answer is clearly urgent. Because those of you who don’t drink enough water and always do strenuous activities, of course, the eyes become deprived of water. Apart from that, the lack of water in the body, especially for the eyes, will have an effect on making the eyes hurt and feel swollen. That’s why people who cry a lot should be given drinking water, because the tears that are issued are certainly not small. If you cry often and don’t drink enough water, then when you cry a little your eyes will feel blurry and of course it hurts to feel swollen.

3. Watching television or cell phones

It would be nice if you watch less TV or watch your cellphone. Because the radiation makes the eyes become unhealthy. Staring at the television or cellphone for a long time is certainly not only the eyes that hurt, but the neck and even the head can hurt too.


It’s okay to cry, but don’t cry often. Because excessive crying will make the eyes hurt. The effect of eye pain from crying is very influential in the long term. If you see someone crying every day, offer to drink water to keep your eyes healthy.


Many think sunglasses are for style. Even though people who are always active outside are better off wearing glasses. The function of sunglasses is to prevent the eyes from developing cataracts. Because direct sunlight is seen using the eyes of course it is not good if it is done continuously.

Having taken care of the eyes to avoid getting sick is like choosing healthy foods, but you don’t avoid other bad things, of course it is wrong. If you want to have good eyes, you should do regular checkups. Because a damaged eye will obviously not be able to return to normal, because having a damaged eye will be very troublesome. Don’t let your eyes get damaged because you don’t want to take care of them.